Banco FIE

Banco FIE is the second largest microfinance institution in Bolivia with a loan portfolio of more than 500M USD, serving 180,000 clients and deriving a yearly ROE of 21.5%. The bank has been recognized several times by its peers and international organization such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for its operational excellence and pushing the boundaries in order to incorporate excluded layers of the population in its clientele. Banco FIE is also the Bolivian Bank with the broadest branch network (over 140). Banco FIE is also launching a mobile money platform which should provide financial services to those who currently live without them in remote areas. Building on a strong focus on social performance and impact, Banco Fie launched an impact study to capture change in clients’ lives. The results are as follows: a maajority indicate an increase in working capital (92%), investments in fixed assets (74%) and sales (86%) as a result of credit and a minority indicated for 15% of the sample job creation and/or increased wages for employees and for 39% an improved infrastructure for their business.