Banco WWB Colombia

Banco WWB Colombia has its origins in formerly the largest NGO and Women’s World Banking affiliate in Colombia (WWB Cali). Its stronghold is in South and Central-Western plateaus of Colombia’s lower end microfinance market but over the past years the Bank has almost achieved a national coverage. In operation since the early 1980s, WWB Cali is one of the continent's strongest MFIs, and was ranked the 9th best MFI in the world by Forbes Magazine in 2008. The MFI has excellent in-house MF expertise and a solid governance structure. Banco WWB almost exclusively caters to women and small entrepreneurs often in areas with little or no other financial services providers. It has a balanced mission with strong emphasis on client coaching and client protection and offers a wide array of micro-financing products including basic microinsurance, SME lending and since the end of last year has also been allowed to take deposits. At as of January 2012, Banco WWB had 233,000 credit clients outstanding, a total loan portfolio of COP 620 BIO (340M USD) and 2,000 savings accounts for total deposits of around 10M USD.